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Seeking to learn more about the culture of a nation, somebody should take a look at its folklore where there is information about things that are not just what they seem to be. Embroidery is one of them. Listening to the word "embroidery" someone would imagine a tedious process of sewing a thread on a fabric by a leisured housewife trying to break the burdens of her everyday life. The truth is, however, that

Class, sophistication and elegance- these are the usual suspects when looking to buy a leather accessory. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Although these words perfectly describe the message you want to send across when using your accessories, choosing a leather accessory goes way beyond these. You see, you could spend over $1000 on leather accessories (e.g. bags) and still end up with a horror story like undone stitches or cracked leather. But with

Greek embroidery, the most prolific sector of popular handicrafts, reflects the beliefs, customs and popular soul by creating and continuing with tradition. Each new element is received, assimilated and presented according to the local aesthetic perception. Embroidery was the pastime of women in order for them to decorate various items to be used in the home, to adorn parts of their clothing and mainly to satisfy their inherent urge for all things beautiful. In large

A good leather bag is undoubtedly the best investment for our wardrobe. It will never disappoint us as it is one of a few pieces that will accompany us again and again without any inhibitions, as opposed to the trends in clothes. It's not by chance women’s favourite accessory and not unjustifiable their fetish