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The Nascence of Luxury Woman Accessories

Inspired by the vision of depicting the ancient art of embroidery on modern, luxury and elegant accessories, the Maryant brand is dedicated to unmasking the femininity of woman through innovative designs, confirming that the passion and love for fashion is endless while ensuring class, elegance and quality remain timeless.


Boasting an extensive experience of over 40 years in the market of handmade traditional and modern embroideries for home, we dared to adapt our unique creations on modern accessories. Our experience with these embroideries has given us the ability to create innovative and unique designs through our ability to combine 100% genuine leather with unique sewing techniques that blends the threads with the fabric, leather and carefully selected materials to assure excellent quality.


At Maryant, we strive to strike a perfect balance between our love for the fashion and folk tradition. This approach has seen us draw our inspiration from museum exhibits, our grandmothers’ embroideries, carpet designs painted on to fabric, landscapes and irritations of nature and the ancient Greek symbols.


Embroidery has been a means to pass time for women, allowing them decorate unique items at home, to adorn parts of clothing, to make unique gifts of inestimable sentimental value to loved ones, to satisfy the inherent urge for all things beautiful. Hence, we have built the company’s art and philosophy around the embroidery technique to offer an authentic approach to production.

Beauty, classic, timeless, elegance

Combining the uniqueness of embroidery with innovative sewing techniques, the patterns of our accessories, and especially of bags boast an unmatched level of uniqueness, beauty, class and timelessness. We combine the tradition to the modern style life and the fashion trends, using expensive unique materials such as 100% genuine calf leather, Swarovski®, metal threads and beads, giving to our products a unique character of class and elegance.